香港、台灣唯一跨境客製化熱昇華球衣運動服製造商品牌,兩地設有直營門市,提供「 團隊服飾製造 Uniform Manufacture 」服務,專業訂製全熱昇華訂製運動服飾與球衣產品。具專業運動視覺設計 Sports Visual Design部門,協助客戶打造運動團隊識別形象(VIS),成就專屬運動風格。

UNISTAR 眾星實業重新定義「團隊運動服飾」訂製服務,透過最新印刷技術結合完善客服部門,提供平價不平凡的客製化運動服飾及球衣,獲得港台企業、校園學界、協會球會、職業球隊與基層運動團隊等眾多客戶信任,自營製衣工廠累積超過100萬件以上運動球衣產品製作經驗。

2021年,啟動 Uni-Magazine 運動數位媒體計畫,秉持非營利及開放精神,致力紀錄與傳播每份專業熱血的運動員故事,共同推動港台多元運動環境。


Founded in Wanchai, Hong Kong, with branches in Taiwan, UNISTAR provides the service of “Uniform Manufacture,” which offers custom sublimated jerseys services. And with professional “Sports Visual Design”department,  we’re dedicated to build clear identification image for all sports teams so as to create their very own style.

UNISTAR redefines the system of Uniform Manufacture. Through the combination of technology and professional service, we offer affordable but extraordinary customized sportswear service. With years of experiences, we are honored to being trusted by clients from enterprises, academies, associations, professional sports teams, and grassroots sports teams across Taiwan and Hong Kong. Our self-owned modern garment factory has accumulated more than 1,000,000 pieces of customized sportswear experiences so far.

In 2021, the Uni-Magazine Sports Media department was established. Adhering to the spirit of non-profit and openness, it is committed to documenting and disseminating the stories of every professional and passionate athlete, creating a diverse sports community in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

社會責任 CSR


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
As a global citizen, we focus on the "4 Zero Project".

眾星實業企業社會責任Corporate Social Responsibility
  1. 零庫存 - 為客戶量身定制專屬產品後才交由自營工廠製作,而非大量製作留下庫存造成浪費,減少碳排放。
    Zero Inventory: Instead of mass production and leaving inventory, UNISTAR customized products for our customers before handing over to our own factories.In this way, we reduce carbon emissions and avoid stockpiling.
  2. 零重複 - 提供個性化的專屬設計時尚,鼓勵所有人都能成就自我風格的運動品牌,加值運動美學。
    Zero Repetition: UNISTAR provides personalized and exclusive design for each client. We encourage everyone to have their own style of sportswear, increase the value of sports aesthetics.
  3. 零碳排 - 打造創新自動線上設計模組服務,快速接近真實訂製需求,實現淨零碳排的環保運動時尚。
    Zero Carbon Emissions: With innovative automatic online design module services, UNISTAR can quickly reach the order requirements, which achieves the eco-friendly sports fashion with zero carbon emission.
  4. 零浪費 - 無任何退流行或過季商品,所有產品量身打造,有需求才進行製作工序,善用所有產值。
    Zero Waste: Without any outdated or out-of-season products, UNISTAR’s products are all customized, and the production process is carried out only when there is a demand in order to make good use of all the output value.

    LOGO Design Concept

    Unistar 眾星實業 logo

    「 LOGO 」


    With the initial "U" of UNISTAR combined with the metaphor image of wings, it symbolizes the that UNISTAR leads Hong Kong & Taiwan sports design industry to take off through providing higher quality. Our core value is to have all the sports teams to own affordable but professional jersey with their very exclusive design.

    unistar 眾星實業 logo

    「 U 」


    Taking the UNISTAR initial "U" as the main body and using the inclined angle to create a sense of movement streamline in sport.


    「 WINGS 」


    United as one team, Hong Kong and Taiwan branches are leading the

    brand to the new high point together.

    UNISTAR 眾星實業堅持最高品質製作原則,提供獨特創新的產品理念,以服務客戶為核心價值,讓每個運動員都有專屬耀眼的經典戰袍,享受每項運動帶來的熱血與快樂。

    UNISTAR insists on the principle of highest quality to provide affordable but extraordinary customized design team clothing and professional sports visual design. With customer service as the core value, we’d like to give every athlete an exclusive and dazzling shirt to enjoy the passion and joy brought by sports.

    眾星工廠 Unistar Factory