Q: Can you help me to print an image that I find on the Internet?

    A:In accordance with the provisions of the Copyright Law and the protection of the copyright of the original author, we cannot provide the original copy of the work or the reproduced material with a high degree of similarity for trades unless it conforms to the legal commercial use of copyright.   

    Q:Can you help print an online material if I have purchased it?

    A:Yes, we can assist in printing any materials that comply with copyright regulations, with the proof of copyright purchase.   

    Q:Can I not put the logo of UNISTAR on my customized products?

    A:The copyright of our product design is owned by UNISTAR. Therefore, our logo will be put on the products. Please contact us if you have any special needs.

    Q: What fabrics can I chose for my customized sportswear/jersey?

    A:UNISTAR provides all kinds of sports fabrics. Different fabrics will be suitable for different sports due to their characteristics. Please contact our customer service before ordering for the best fabrics!

    Q: How to wash sublimation jerseys and sportswear?

    A:It is recommended to use cold water (below 40’C) to wash with clothes of the same color, wash with detergent and dry naturally. No bleach, no iron, no drying.  

    Q: Who owns the copyright of the customized products designed by UNISTAR?

    A:According to the regulations of Copyright Law, before both parties have agreed on the copyright owner, the hired party (UNISTAR) will be the copyrighted author for the products ordered by the hiring party (customer). Therefore, UNISTAR owns the copyright of the customized products upon completion. If the product of UNISTAR is used for other purposes without the authorization of the company, the company reserves the right of legal prosecution.

    Q:Is the deposit refundable?

    The deposit is not refundable once the product is under designing or production process.   

    Q: Can I refund or exchange the product if the final result is not what I expected?

    A:Final design will be confirmed with customers before placing the order for production. Actual product will be based on the design confirmed. Please kindly confirm details such as colors and design with our design team. Returns and exchanges are not accepted except for any defects in our products.   

    Q:How long does it take for the production?

    A:Normally it takes around 21 working days, but it might vary for different products and quantities. For a more accurate length, please contact our customer service.   

    Q:Can I still order a few more after the order is completed? Will the increase increase?

    A:UNISTAR will permanently retain the order information. You are welcome to re-order the same product with the same price, even with only one jersey!