1. Q:Could you help me print the pattern or picture I found online on the clothes?

    A:According to the provisions of the "Copyright Law" on the author, and to protect the copyright of the original author, we cannot trade or circulate the original copy of the work or the highly similar reproduction. Unless it conforms to the legal commercial use of copyright.
  2. Q:Could you help me print the vector I bought from the material library online?

    A:As long as the client complies with the behavior of copyright regulations and is able to provide the proof of copyright purchase and use, UNISTAR can provide printing services.
  3. Q: Can I leave out the logo of UNISTAR?

    A:The copyright of the product design belongs to UNISTAR. So the brand logo must be placed in accordance with the specifications; if you have special needs, please contact local customer service.
  4. Q: What are the options for fabrics for customized sportswear/jerseys?

    A:UNISTAR provides all kinds of sports function fabrics. Depending on the characteristics of the fabric, different fabrics will be suitable for different sports. You can contact the local customer service before ordering to get further information.
  5. Q: How to clean sublimated jerseys and sportswear?

    A:It is recommended to use cold water below 40 degrees to wash with the same color clothes. Before washing, remember to turn the clothes over, wash them with an appropriate amount of laundry detergent, and then dry them naturally. DO NOT bleach, ironing, or drying.
  6. Q:Who owns the copyright of the customized products designed by UNISTAR?

    A:According to the provisions of the "Copyright Law" on the author, before the labor and management have determined the copyright owner, the copyright author of the work should belong to the hired person (UNISTAR). Therefore, UNISTAR own the copyright as soon as the design is finished. As the result, the copyright of the design of jersey styles and other designs belongs to UNISTAR. If it is used for other purposes without the authorization of UNISTAR, the company will reserve the right of legal recourse. If you have any further questions, please contact customer service directly.
  7. Q:Can the deposit be refunded?

    Refunds are not available for customized products after the design and production process begins.
  8. Q:If the completed product is different from what I imagined, can I return or exchange it?

    A:Before the customized product enters the production process, the designer will confirm the complete design with the customer, but it is normal to have slight differences with the actual product. Except for the production defects, no return or exchange could be made, and UNISTAR reserves the final decision.
  9. Q:How long does it take to make a product?

    A:It takes about 14-21 working days normally, but it depends on the order schedule in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Different customized products and quantities may affect the production schedule. For details, please contact local customer service.
  10. Q:Is it possible to add an order after the order is completed? Will there be additional charges?

    A:UNISTAR keeps the order information permanently, and the price of the same product stays the same. The quantity of the additional order is unlimited. (UNISTAR reserves the final decision.)